In the Beginning

Welcome to Titan Engineering, the foremost biomedical company in Ohio, where we make tomorrow better, today. Formed in 2009 by Dr. Rachel Ge (pronounced g/e/), a Harvard grad at 19 and the youngest head of Pfizer, Inc.'s R&D divison at 23, Titan Engineering has taken the world by storm. Growing from a small team of twelve at the outset to our current three-hundred, Titan Engineering is fueled by its talented staff of researchers and scientists to create some of the most forward-thinking and life-changing biotechnology of our time. In 2011 we released the medical perspirant Hygx; in 2013, following that success, we released the Aegle Pacemaker, a device that changed the way people think about pacemaking. Visit our Products page to find out more about our revolutionary inventions.

Turning the Page

In January of 2014, Dr. Ge stepped down from the President's office of Titan to pursue personal opportunities elsewhere, ushering in the new leadership of Dr. Elizabeth Glisser (pronounced glissé), a renowned veterinarian from upstate New York. Under Glisser's leadership, Titan Engineering has continued to work on a cutting-edge project that Dr. Ge started at the end of her tenure. That project has become our latest creation, the cure-all patch Panacea. Now, with Panacea set to become commercial sold worldwide by the end of 2015, join us in ushering in the new future - a future free of disease, pain, and perhaps even death itself.