Panacea - Launches in late 2015!

"They told me I had four months to live. Brain tumor. Now it's gone without a trace. People ask me how I did it. I tell them: Panacea. I owe my life to Panacea." --Max Dowel, 18, of Duluth, Minnesota

"My grandmother had dementia for the last seven years. She forgot everyone. But we put her on Panacea and...and she was fine! All those memories came right back, like they'd never left. Now, she smiles whenever I walk in. She knows who I am." --Cecelia Clemens, 21, of Huston, Texas

"I was a stupid kid. Ate a lot of junk food, drank a lot of soda. I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 22. I've never felt worse in my whole life. But I started taking Panacea two months ago, and now I don't have diabetes anymore. I can finally be myself again. Take walks with my daughter. Play catch with my son. Be the father I always wanted to be." --Derek Smalls, 43, of Carson City, Nevada

"I used to wear bifocals, but when I started Panacea, my vision began to improve. I stopped wearing them last week! The medicine’s only in testing, but it’s already changed my life! 20/20 here I come!" --Silvia Litte, 74, of Cranston, Rhode Island

"Ever since I hit puberty I've had the worst acne. No medications I tried did a thing, and no boy throughout all of high school ever looked at me because it was so bad! But after taking Panacea for just a few weeks, my skin is flawless! It's incredible. I feel like I'm finally the person I was meant to be. And I've found myself a date to senior prom. Things couldn't be better." --Tracy McDonel, 17, of Anchorage, Alaska

Aegle Pacemaker

"This pacemaker is no joke. It saved my life. It did more than save my life. It made it better." --Patricia Helghast, 67, of Bethesda, Maryland

"My whole family - my mother, my sister, my kids - we didn't think my father would make it after his third heart attack. None of his other pacemakers worked. But Aegle did. And five years later, he's still with us. It's more than a miracle. It's a reality." --Tom Fortworth, 45, of Tulsa, Oklahoma

"This is the most advanced, well-equipped pacemaker on the market by a long shot. I recommend it to all my patients, without question. The innovations it brings - on-the-fly optimization, real-time monitoring, and on-the-go storage - have changed the face of health as we know it." --Dr. Ernie Hill, 54, of New York, New York


"Hygx totally put me in touch with my inner zen. My internal feng shui has never been been so organized! I've been using Hygx for two years and I feel like a whole new me!" --Sandy Beckmen, Owner of, San Diego, California

"Before using the Hygx Cleanser, I was doing juice cleanses every two weeks for three years. I just couldn't get cleansed. My life was hell. But Hygx turned me around. I could go through my day with a smile on my face and not have to worry about peeing every fifteen minutes." --Alexa Aimes, Proprietor of the "Quencher Juice Bar," Denver, Colorodo